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I really do love blogging, even if most of it is junk!


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I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be an adult. To me, being an adult means owning up to your responsibilities and making reasonably rational decisions. I say reasonably because there are things that can't/shouldn't be rationalized. For example, love between exact opposites or why they stopped showing Captain Eo at DisneyLand (completely irrational).

On the opposite side of the equation, we have emotion. The western world has a love/hate relationship with emotions. In America, it is written that we should all be working on that constant pursuit for happiness. Some of the best movies are about people who do this.

As an adult, we all have to balance this.

I love my Wify

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I love my drama-free (most of the time) wife. Thank you baby momma.

I couldn't sleep

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After watching the movie ‘Everybody’s fine’, a nice movie about a newly widowed father who travels across the country to meet up with his children who he has a strained relationship with. It got me thinking about my own relationships. Have I done everything I could do? If I were to die would the people who matter to me go forward with their lives knowing that I wished them well? Would my children know that all I truly want for them is to live a full and happy life? Did I really live life to the fullest and lead by example?

That last one, I’m going to say ‘no and yes’.

I don’t live every moment to the fullest, in fact, I have caught myself drifting in and out a couple times. Like the song from Linkin Park, ‘It’s easier to run’, I find that I’ve got a certain part of myself that just zones out sometimes. That says ‘Hey, I don’t think I can change this situation so why fight it?’

I know, it’s horrible, but I think it’s how most people are ‘living’ there life.

I also think that’s why people cheat on their spouses and just treat people like shit.

And I’m tired of it. Really.

I’m tired of being told to live in a little box, and I’m tired of being told to shhhh and keep quiet about things for the stupidest of reasons. That, in the end, come back to ultimately bite me.

To be honest, I feel that a lot of people are just set in their ways. I could tell a certain someone that I love them a hundred times and they would only look back to a time I didn’t return their phone call because I was changing a diaper and say that I’m a liar. I could tell someone that they should stand up make a change to some kind of product and that person could say ‘Hey, my hands are tied because the boss gave me these things to do.’ I could hug someone and they would only say that I’m only doing it because it’s expected and not because I want to become closer to them and I may never be able to do it again. I could take someone’s keys to make sure they don’t drink and drive, but that person would only see me as attempting to belittle them.

After a certain point, I’ve got to say ‘Listen, I’m an adult and you’re an adult. I’m going to go this way. You can do whatever you want.’

I’m going to stop there because I have to be at work in 5 hours.

We are outta here!

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We've moved!

Review (February 18th, 2010)

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I’ve been pushed off of my review wagon (again). One thing you have to keep in mind when starting a new habit is that you should forgive yourself if you miss a day and get back to it as soon as you can. Well, things have been busy in my life: My dad had a stroke, I’m going to be moving to a new place at the end of the month, I’ve had the privilege of raising someone else’s kid for a while and I’ve also been re-evaluating my life.

Sometimes, I don’t know what to do or feel...

Like a leaf in the wind...

Personal Accomplishments:

I met Andy Ihnatko

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I saw him speak at a macnexus meeting!

Picture of me and Andy Ihnatko

A penny for my thoughts

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I'm trying to think of all the positive things that are happening in my life. Sometimes I lose track of those things that I should be grateful for so I want to list them here:

The economic rock on which we stand

Speaking of economy, I've been thinking about how even though we are in a recession, there seems to be more and more ads on things. Once again, I'm not a communist, but it seems crazy that our society has no problems having all these messages about buying things when most Americans are having problems balancing thier budgets.

Caeer builder recently had a survey stating that 42 percent of their respondents were living paycheck to paycheck. I think it is more of a personal thing rather than the amount of money that people make. From a very young age we are taught to keep up with "the Jones'" and the other thing that we are taught about money is the single semester of econ1 in high school. Personally, I think that it's a little late because by then all your classmates have already been bombarded by barbie, GI Joe and Disney and I doubt many of them have an idea of what it is costing to live like they live.

  1. My econ teacher was pretty well off. Her husband made a lot of money and this was her way of giving back to society. There were many rumors about her drinking in her car between classes. 

Review (February 5th, 2010)

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Well, it seems that I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the drama again, but I feel like a much better person. I vaguely remember someone once saying that its how we deal with events that define us. I had some very interesting things happen to me since the last time I did a review.

First and foremost, I got sick again. This time it was really bad and I couldn’t leave the bathroom for more than an hour or two before my stomach emptied itself. I don’t think I’ve been sick like that in years and I’m seriously considering talking to my doctor about why I’ve been getting sick so often. My wife says that it might be all the stress of working, a general level of dissatisfaction with where I am in my life, the relationship between me and my family, the list is long. But I definitely could be worse.

Secondly, pack up the kids, we are moving! We are moving to a two story townhouse that has almost twice the amount of space of our current place. We’re put the deposit down and we’re just waiting for the credit checks and then we’ll be set for the end of the month to move in.

Third, I looked at the number of posts that I did in January(12) and compared it with the number of posts that I did back in 2009 (36) and 2008 (24). Wow, that’s a lot of information to put on “Da Google.”

Forth, I came across a journal that I used to keep up a couple years ago and -honestly- I could write a post about it alone. It was sad that I looked at it and saw that I am still dealing with issues from back then. To sum it up, it’s been more reason to do more in order to move my life forward.

Personal Accomplishments:

Things on my mind:

43 Folders | Time, Attention, and Creative Work

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What happens if you check your email every 5 minutes

Wow, I can't believe I spent so much time looking into productivity p0rn! I used to look at 43folders.com almost every other hour looking for that "One secret that would make me productive".

The secret, just do it.