Quotidian Quest

Books and Job Hunting

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Hello, today I was thinking about all the things I would like to do. Sometimes it feels like I have the entire world on my shoulders and I fight the urge to attempt to do everything at once.

I'm going to take a second to think about what the most important thing is at this moment and do it to the best of my ability. It times like this, I go back to OmniFocus.


Today, I attempted to ship a book[^book] that I had placed on Amazon. Amazon was going to give me 3 bucks to ship it and all the shipping options that USPS offered were 4 dollars or more. I like the idea of sharing knowledge but I seriously don't want to donate my money and time in this fashion.

Job Hunting

I've been looking for a job on dice.com and it strikes me as interesting on how different job postings can be. Some of them are very simple and might as well be the equivelent of a "Help Wanted" sign while others might have 30 or more requirements in order to apply.

During my last interview, the person I spoke with was actually surprised that I read the psoting and job description. Which got me thinking about the hotgun versus snipper rifle approach to job hunting. Do you focus on getting as many résumé out there or do you make a custom one for every kind of position and a different covers letters for every position?

New Opportunities

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Today, I got a phone call for a job interview on Thursday.


It's certainly better to have something going for me in that regard, I've been having trouble focusing on what my next step in life is going to be and was in danger of just freezing up. I feel that even if I don't get a job the fact that I'm going to have an interview makes me feel confident to go out and put my résumé in all kinds of places that I didn't think to put them before.

Going back to the point about a finding a new job, the position actually sounds like my old position at Unify and I'm hoping to do it again in a company that isn't going to treat me and the customers like resources that should be exploited until they are squeezed to death. I think the one thing that I look forward to this that I would be helping people with their problems which something that I truly enjoy. One thing that I want to look at is learning more of the back end when it comes to these kinds of systems. The last time, I relied on development to work out the details on connecting the front end to the different databases, which was the wrong decision.

Working out

One thing that I've been thinking about for the last couple of days is how I'd start working out. Currently, most of my time is spent working or driving my daughters to various activities. But life is better when I work out, I wonder if I should just wake up earlier.

Ice and jobs

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Today, I'm thinking about doing my push up challenge again. The push up challenge has been something that I've done many times over the last three years to start off a work out routine and I've always liked the quick results it gives me.

We took the girls to see the Disney on Ice show today and it was equally enjoyable to see the show and to have the girls watch it. They both were on the edge of their seats as they watched the Toy Story 3 characters run around and try to save the day. I wonder when my children will understand some of the bigger plot lines from the movie, because it's kind of deep.

Also, the prices for things at those things are crazy. I understand that as parents, we all want to give our children the best but don't think the best things in life are $12 stale pop corn and 15 dollar iceess that come in mugs with buzz lightyears face. What kind of leasson are we teaching out children when we spend 20 dollars on something that has a value sooo much less than that?

On the job front

Still no calls, and it looks like I'm going to have a harsh road ahead. I feel that this is partially my fault for trusting that I'd have something at the end of all this. I worked hard, but in the end it leads to nothing because I'm worried about what will happen next week. I know a lot of people worry like I do, but it doesn't make it better.

Not in the slightest...

The writing bug

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A couple of weeks ago, I challenged myself to write 250 words every day and although some days were harder than others, I found myself enjoying it and going over the required minimum. I really enjoyed making the transition for having a ton of words running around my head to having them placed into something that I can review and format1. For most of my life, I've been a little bit of a perfectionist and sometimes the words that I want to say don't quite measure up to the standards I'd like. This whole thing, although only weeks old has been rewarding as a way to become better at writing and allowing me to get past my own hang ups on writing.

Unfortunately, I got sick about a week ago and had to take a little bit of break in order to focus on not throwing up followed shortly by a scramble to look for another job because my contract at Intel is going to expire soon.

But, the writing bug has bit me and I don't want to deny it any longer. I enjoy journaling because it allows me to get my thoughts together and think about what my plans are going to be moving forward. I hope that who ever reads this in the future and learn something.

  1. That isn't to say I didn't stress out about the best way to store all these snippets that I've built up, but it was nice to put most of that aside and just work on my thoughts and getting things out of my head.